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    Report using a Crosstab Query (Access 2002)

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    I came across some code (<post#=424177>post 424177</post#>) which I think will work for the report I am trying to create. The reports record source is a crosstab, the reports heading and data will change. My problem is the report I want to create includes many different calucations. I tried modifing the code and I am not able to go further then were I am. I've attached an Excel file which includes the data from my Crosstab, screen shot of the report, the reports code and a sample data of the report I want to create. I need lots of help. PLEASE.

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    Re: Report using a Crosstab Query (Access 2002)

    Take a look at the database attached to <post#=365977>post 365977</post#>. The report in that database resembles what you want to accomplish:
    - Months as column headings.
    - YTD totals.
    - Group subtotals.

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