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    Unique List (2000)

    I have a column that contains a text list. Is there a way to look at the list, and without deleting anything, go to another column on another sheet in the same workbook, and generate a new list without having duplicates in the new list?
    If the original list say in Range a1:a10 was: bill,mark,bill,bill,jim,mark...etc - My new list on another sheet would be bill,mark,jim <-each name listed only once in the new list. thanks

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    Re: Unique List (2000)

    1. On the worksheet with the list, insert a new cell in A1, shifting the existing cells down.
    2. Type a field name (column heading) in A1, e.g. First Name.
    3. Activate the worksheet where you want the unique names.
    4. In cell A1, type the same field name.
    5. Click in a blank cell somewhere else on this worksheet.
    6. Select Data | Filter | Advanced Filter...
    7. Tick the "Copy to another location" check box.
    8. Click in the "List range" box.
    9. Activate the worksheet with the complete list, and select the list.
    10. Leave the "Criteria" range box blank.
    11. Click in the "Copy to" box.
    12. If necessary, activate the second worksheet.
    13. Click in cell A1.
    14. Tick the "Unique records only" check box.
    15. Click "OK".

    Note: you MUST initiate the Advanced Filter from the destination worksheet. If you try to do it from the source worksheet, you'll get an error message.

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    Re: Unique List (2000)


    Data | Filter | Advanced Filter
    A new dialog will come up

    Check "Copy to another location" (radio button at the top) and
    "Unique records only" (check box at the bottom) and set your "Copy to" range

    That should take care of it.

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    Re: Unique List (2000)

    Thanks, from the advice you folks gave I concocted a macro-it even works <img src=/S/artist.gif border=0 alt=artist width=34 height=29>

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