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Thread: format cells

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    format cells

    i am trying to format a cell with a fill color depending on the value in another cell.
    if the value in A1=1 I want to format C4 with red
    or if the value in A1=2 I want to format C4 with blue

    anybody have any ideas on how to do this

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    Re: format cells

    Hi srg,

    Try conditional formatting.

    Select the cell to change fill color off, go to Format/Conditional Formatting.

    Set drop-down 'Condition 1' to 'Formula'
    Type "=A1=1" (without quotes) in the text box. Now click on the 'Format' button, go to tab 'Pattern' and click on the red color.

    Do the same for condition 2, first click on the 'Add' button, and then the rest should be the same, expcept you need to use this formula "=A1=2".

    Good Luck

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    Re: format cells

    You can use conditional formatting to achieve this. As an example if you want A1 to be a certain colour if B1 value is 10 you can set the criteria as <big>=$B$1=10</big>. Just make sure that the Formula Is (as opposed to Value Is) case is selected in the dropdown list of the conditional format dialog box. You invoke the conditional format box by selection Format, Conditional Formatting. Depending on your requirements you may need to change the Absolute(i.e. remove one or both $ signs) settings in the formula

    Andrew C

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