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    CW vs IMO Address Book

    I have been using IMO Mode ever since installing Outlook 2000. After playing with several forms, I switched to CW mode so that I could delete them. I would like to stay in CW mode, except there's a couple of glaring inconsistencies on my machine. I'm hoping it's just my machine and not Outlook itself.

    In IMO mode, my address book is able to display folders down the left side and I'm able to change the right pane to different views. In CW mode, I cannot show folders and the right pane is static. It looks like an older version of address book. Also, in IMO mode, when checking mail a dialog box pops up, but I'm able to send the box away and the mail check status shows in the bottom right on the bar. In CW mode, I get this annoying checking mail dialog box that pops into the middle of the screen and has no options for minimizing or anything.

    Is it because CW is configured wrong on my machine or the registry has some bad settings? Or is this really what CW looks like? Do I have to give up my address book and unobtrusive mail check to get the ability to delete forms?

    Thanks for any insight.

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    Re: CW vs IMO Address Book

    CW is the old exchange client and the behavor you see is correct for it. There are a few other things missing, most notably "send using". If you have multiple accounts it's difficult to send on the others.

    One advantage to corp's address dialog is the ability to create rules with partial addresses, since you can type in the right pane of the selection dialog.

    Also, since OL2002 has one mode for everyone, most of the best features of each mode are available. Some of these features are missing from it however. (I think corp has the better AB, once you get used to it.)

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