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    Right click menus in Runtime (Access 97 & 2002)

    In runtime, standard menu's are not displyed. The toolbar menu's I have fixed by creating my own using the customise button.

    However, I seem to remember right click menu's are a little more complex and have to be built in code. I did this ages ago so its not too much of a problem, but as its simple the filter/sort options i'm after I thought i'd check if there was a database option somewhere so that right click menu's work in Runtime.

    Any help would be great, thanks.

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    Re: Right click menus in Runtime (Access 97 & 2002)

    The built-in shortcut menus do not work in Access Runtime, but custom shortcut menus do, AFAIK. To create one:
    - Select Tools | Customize...
    - Click New...
    - Supply a name, then click OK.
    - Add items to the new toolbar.
    - Click Properties in the Customize dialog.
    - Select your toolbar in the Toolbar Propertied dialog.
    - Set the Type to Popup instead of Toolbar.
    - Close the Toolbar Properties dialog.
    - Close the Customize dialog.
    - Set the Shortcut Menu Bar property of a form, form control or report to the name of your new shortcut menu.

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