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    Lock in Landscape on report (Access 2000)

    Before my report macro prints I need to lock in whether the report is portrait or landscape. I do this in Excel with no problem. Is there a code I can input that will make the report print in landscape. Quite often it jumps to portrait. Also, I need to lock in that all margins are .5. Is there a way to lock that in? The report keeps jumping back to a one inch margin. I have followed several threads and not come up with an ansswer. Thank you.

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    Re: Lock in Landscape on report (Access 2000)

    Make sure that you turn OFF "Track name AutoCorrect info" in the General tab of Tools | Options... If this setting is ON, it is known to make reports lose their page settings.

    Note: this is a database-level setting, you must turn it of in each database seaprately. There is no way (unfortunately) to make OFF the default setting.

    It is possible to set page orientation and margins in code, using the PrtMip property (look it up in the online help for Access VBA), but it is very inconvenient, for you have to open the report in design view in order to change the print settings.

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