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    Opinion requested (Access03)

    I am building an educational database. Most of my classes will be done over
    one day or less of time. I currently have a table tblClasses that track the
    class name, type of class, mandatory or not, and ID number. Then there is a
    tblSession which tracks date of session, start time, end time, classroom, and
    class number which is a combination of the ClassID, Session, and yes/no if it
    is closed. Tied to the tblSession table is the tblInstructors that track the
    instructor's ID number and times that instructor is involved with the class.

    I do orientations for some staff that go beyond one day. I am trying to
    figure out the best approach to doing this. I am tentatively thinking of
    adding a yes/no field to tblClasses called event. At that point I start
    bogging down. What I want and need is the following.

    I need to tie all of the days to one orientation session. For example I
    started an orientation today 11/29 that is to run until late tomorrow. Within
    those two days I need to be able to show that people got certain components.
    For example use of restraints, staging pressure ulcers, accudata
    certification, and others. One of my issues is that orientation is different
    depending on job skill level and job site. I don't want to totally create a
    separate group of tables as I already have. I am thinking something like this

    tblClasses = Orientation RNs
    tblSession = Adding another field to track event day, 1st, 2nd, etc. This
    field only available if event is marked in the tblClasses table.
    Create a new table called tblComponents and basically track the same things
    that are being tracked with the tblSessiion table.

    Does anyone have any ideas for a better approach? What problems do you see
    me running into? Thanks for your help and ideas.

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    Re: Opinion requested (Access03)

    I'm not sure I understand your description completely, but I don't think I would add a field to tblSession to track the day. Instead, I would create another table tblSessionDates. This table holds a record for each day of each session. In other words, your standard session will have just one record in tblSessionDates, but a two-day session will have two records, etc. Keep the general information about a session in tblSession, and information specific to, say, the second day of a session in tblSessionDates. Perhaps you also need a table tblSessionDateComponents.

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