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    Choosing sender for letter (Office Word 2003 VBA)

    I have set up several template letters using macros to enter bits of information.

    We have now merged offices, and several of us want to use the same letter, but to be able to put our own name, job title, and email address into various places.

    Can anybody tell me where I can find guidance on putting something into the AutoNew macro that would prompt to ask which person'd details to use, ideally using a drop-down list or similar?


    Peter English

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    Re: Choosing sender for letter (Office Word 2003 VBA)

    See <post#=381330>post 381330</post#> for an example. When the user creates a new document, a userform is displayed with text boxes and dropdown lists.

    In <post#=259183>post 259183</post#>, you'll find an example with a simpler userform that demonstrates how to store the values for later redisplay.

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