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    Rules (Outlook XP)

    I copied my .pst file to a new computer and noticed that my rules did not carry over as well as my customized drop downs for my calendar. Are these stored in a file that I need to copy over to my new computer or do I have to start over?

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    Re: Rules (Outlook XP)

    Hi Kathy

    To import and export rules you need to do the following
    Select Tools>Rules Wizard...
    Click the Options button
    This gives the options to export and import rules. Choosing export will allow you to save your rules to a file for importing to a new computer.

    For details of other files that you may want to copy over to your new computer see

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    Re: Rules (Outlook XP)

    In older versions of Outlook, there is a RWZ file that contains your rules. The Export function can makes one if you don't have one, but this assumes you can access your old setup...

    Customized drop-downs on a toolbar? Look for a file in your old Application DataMicrosoftOutlook folder similar to outcmd.dat. That should contain customizations to regular toolbars (customizations to the Outlook Bar are stored in a .FAV file). If the drop-downs link to macros, you might have to go back for those, too. Look for the VbaProject.OTM file. Hope this helps.

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