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    Re: bookmark and datagrid

    I have been told to cycle through in a descending manner. So, change the line:

    <pre>For intCount = 0 To intMAX</pre>


    <pre>For intCount = intMax to 0 step -1</pre>

    Don't know if it will help.....

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    Re: bookmark and datagrid

    thanks al

    My main problem was the record set I was using was adOpenStatic I changed it to adOpenDynamic and inserted a rsdisplay.movenext in after the rsdisplay.Update and it all worked. Then after 3 hours of looking I find the sweet solution on MSDN library.
    in case anybody needs it.
    look up SelBookmarks Property Example in index.

    <pre>Private Sub DeleteRecord()
    Dim varBookmark As Variant

    For Each varBookmark In dgPublisher.SelBookmarks
    rsdisplay.Bookmark = varBookmark

    End Sub


    how easy was that !!arg

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    bookmark and datagrid

    hello all

    I am trying to use bookmarks to delete multiple rows in a data grid. the code I have come up with will delete the firs one but a runtime error--->> -2147217885 Row handle referred to a deleted row or a row marked for deletion <<-- happens at the point in the code (marked with bracket). Can anybody point me to a article explaining using bookmarks for multiple deletes or if you have a suggestion.

    <pre>'procedure to delete the records selected by the user
    Private Sub DeleteRecord()

    Dim intCount As Integer
    Dim blnMatch As Boolean ' indicates Match found or
    ' keep looking
    Dim intArrNum() As Variant ' array of selected book marks
    Dim intMAX As Integer ' number of selected items

    intMAX = dgPublisher.SelBookmarks.count - 1

    ' redim array to hold the bookmark numbers
    ' = to the number of bookmarks
    If intMAX < 0 <> True Then
    ReDim intArrNum(intMAX)
    End If

    'place the bookmark numbers in array
    For intCount = 0 To intMAX
    intArrNum(intCount) = dgPublisher.SelBookmarks(intCount)
    Next intCount

    rsdisplay.MoveFirst ' move to start of record set

    If intMAX <> -1 Then ' Make sure some records were selected
    For intCount = 0 To intMAX ' for each selbookmark
    blnMatch = False ' reset match variable

    ' if grid selbookmark and recordset bookmark
    ' have not been matched and record not End of file

    Do While blnMatch <> True
    If rsdisplay.EOF <> True Then
    If rsdisplay.Bookmark = intArrNum(intCount) Then
    ' Match them up (Error here on secon delete)
    rsdisplay.Delete ' delete if they match
    rsdisplay.Update ' update record set
    blnMatch = True ' exit loop
    rsdisplay.MoveNext ' else Keep looking next record
    End If
    blnMatch = True ' if end of file exit loop
    End If
    End If

    dgPublisher.Refresh ' refresh grid

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