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    How on earth do you....

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    How do I do this!!!

    I am trying to change the default font in Word. Not just the font mind, I want to change it in so that I can open new doocuments with that font pre-chosed (and not that god awful Times New Roman!!!!!)

    Basically, every time I try to chenge it, it seems to work on the face of it, however, somewhere in Words cobweb filled code is a little thing that really annoys me, it ALWAYS reverts back to Times New roman!!!!

    i've tried changing it so many ways, editing the wizard, changing teh font in another copy of the template, etc... No matter what I do, however, I get Time New Roman back whenevev I try to apply the style to new text. adjust the paragraph tag, which really sucks!


    Anyone have ANY idead, please save me sime sanity

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    Re: How on earth do you....

    In Word (2000), Format menu, Font, set the Font you want then click the Default button at the bottom; it will ask if you want this to be your default and will affect new documents based on the template.

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    Re: How on earth do you....

    You could open and change the Normal style there. Or create a new document based on the Blank Document template. Click the Format menu on the menu bar, choose Format | Style. Select the "Normal" paragraph style. Click Modify | Format | Font. Change Times New Roman to whatever you want to be your default. Click OK. Now, before you click OK again, check "Add to template".


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    Re: How on earth do you....

    Hi jeffhb,

    Make sure that you only have one If more than one is available things can get confusing. Such as changing the default font and then it not "sticking" or it keeps changing on you.

    What is really happening is that Word is just using a different

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