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    Task Reminders (Outlook 2003)

    My manager has shared a task folder with me. She wants me to input tasks for her - which I can do. But she is getting the reminders and she wants me to get them, not her. How do I do this?

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    Re: Task Reminders (Outlook 2003)

    It might be simpler if you created the bosses Task Folder in your own Folders with you as originator, and your boss as fully delegated with permissions to view, create and edit tasks in this Folder.

    I say this because the only alternative I can think of is to go through the process of delegating her tasks to you and not setting reminders for her, which makes task creation more complex. You can see for yourself what is involved in that approach by delegating a task to someone else on a test basis (or to yourself from your bosses Task Folder, you can't delegate a Task to yourself from your own Task Folder).
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