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    Accept Meeting in Master Calendar (Outlook 2000)

    I have put in several filters to sort emails from people in my organizaton. Since I have many emails from my co-workers I have created a separate .pst file for my organization and rules sort these emails into this folders. I still have my main folder that gets many emails daily and some other sorts.

    Here's my problem. I want to have all my meeting requests acceptance go into one calendar. When I accept a meeting request from someone in my organization - it goes into that .pst calendar. When I accept a meeting request from somebody outside that organization it goes into the main (shared) calendar. I want to have all meeting request go to that main .pst file.

    It doesn't look like theres an easy way to make a rule that meeting requests don't go to teh sub folders and I don't know how to point meeting requests to a calendar in a different pst file.

    Any hints?

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    Re: Accept Meeting in Master Calendar (Outlook 2000)

    You can set Rules based on the Form the message uses. In the Rules wizard you should see the Form option on the second dialog, in XP it's towards the bottom of the checklist. So you could either create a rule that prevents Rules applying to these messages, and promote it to one of the first Rules to operate, such as:

    Apply this rule after the message arrives
    Uses the 'Meeting Request' or 'Appointment' form
    Stop processing more rules

    ... or, you could rewrite all your existing Rules to make sure that they are applied only when the Form is a Message. If you have a lot of Rules, that could be tedious.

    I don't have a structure like yours to test this myself, so I'm winging this answer a bit. Post back if this doesn't help
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