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    System Reboots With XP Problem (XP Home and Pro)

    With both XP home and Pro my siblings computer system reboots itself, for some reason it will let me format, partition and install both types of windows XP But on the Windows XP loading screen it simply reboots itself or (Rarely) displays the blue Stop Screen, Windows 98 works perfectly on the system, but i have noticed that when i put 98 back on yesterday it did reboot itself for no apaprent reason, It doesn't appear to be a bad version of XP as it works fine on my own computer ,has anyone any suggestion - from what i remember the system specs are as follows

    CPU 3.2 GHz Intel
    Intel Motherboard w/ O/B Gfx + Sound
    ATI Radeon 9200 Graphics card
    256mb RAM

    Anything else you need to know post here and i'll try and find out, i have already tried formatting several times and have tried removing the radeon card, but to no avail.

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    Re: System Reboots With XP Problem (XP Home and Pr

    Spontaneous booting sometimes indicates a hardware problem. You've already pulled the video, so the next "easiest" thing to try is RAM. You didn't say whether the 256 is in one stick or two, but could you "borrow" a stick of memory somewhere to try in place of some or all of what's there now? Another possibility is the power supply - although not too expensive to replace, the more inconvenience in having to go out and buy a replacement. Keep us posted.

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    Re: System Reboots With XP Problem (XP Home and Pro)

    Could the Graphics card and/or it's drivers be conflicting with the on-board graphics setup ??? I'm just guessing, but maybe if you disable the O/B graphics in the bios before you install the OS it will stop the reboots.
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