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    Runtime version of Access (97)

    How can I create a runtime version of an access version, so that I can send it to people? Does it require a developer edition? Does it create an executable file? Thanks, Andy.

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    Re: Runtime version of Access (97)

    You would need the Office 97 Developer Edition (ODE), but see below. This includes the runtime version of Access with an unlimited license to distribute it. This runtime version contains an MSAccess.exe that can be used to open databases, but the ability to view and modify the design of database objects has been removed. The ODE lets you create an installation package.

    You will have to take some things into consideration when designing a database to be used in the runtime environment:
    - The database window is not available. You must set a startup form.
    - You must include error handling in all your VBA code, otherwise errors will make Access crash.
    - The built-in toolbars and full menus (mainly geared towards developers) are not available. You will have to provide your own.

    Note: Microsoft doesn't sell Office 97 any more, and neither the Developer Edition for later versions. You will have to find the Office Developer Edition another way - Google may help.

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