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    Outlook Form (2000)

    We have a public folder set up with a form in it, so that when the Post
    button on the form is clicked, the form is forwarded to a different public
    folder. It is deleted out of the originating folder.

    The public folder we are "posting" the form FROM has Default Permission of
    Author. The public folder we are "posting" the form TO has the Default
    Permission of Contributor.

    There is one person we have heard of that the form does not work
    correctly for. It appears to post correctly, there is no error given when
    she clicks the Post button, but the form never shows up in the final folder.
    It seems to work for everyone else that has used it.

    I'm wondering if there is something in the setup of her Outlook, or Office,
    or Windows, that we should be checking. I can't think of anything with the
    form or folders since it works for others.

    Any ideas why it would work for most users, but not one?


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    Re: Outlook Form (2000)

    If you have Windows 2000 and Exchange 2000 as your server and mail server, respectively, check the Active Directory permissions. There may be a Deny setting that is intruding in the case of this one End User. HTH

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