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    Controlling Workplace Browsing (IE6)

    Like many companies, the internet has helped our business enormously. It can also be a huge distraction!

    We have adopted a very lax attitude in the past. Everyone has web access on their desktop, and can go on line at the one-click launch of a browser.

    All employees know that the web is for work use only, though lunchbreak browsing is allowed. All employees have signed up to a data policy which (theoretically) allows us to monitor browsing and email use/abuse, though we have rarely done this.

    We now feel the time is right to implement some basic controls to stop internet abuse encroaching on Company time, but without compromising employees access to the web for genuine work use.

    I have an idea of the sort of system I would like to implement, but don't know if it is something we can buy off the shelf. If I describe my idea, perhaps someone can tell me if (and where) I can purchase such a system, or if they have a better idea?

    I think that a very simple log-on, whereby any user wanting to go online would have to complete a logon (perhaps with a password, though I think just a user-name would do) together with a very short description as to why they needed to go onto the web.

    They would then be able to surf at will until they logged out (or the system timed them out from that session), but always in the knowledge that we would check a sample of the web traffic to see that people were really doing what they said.

    However, the main rationale behind this approach would be the disincentive that having to actually log on would create. 1-click browsing is very convenient, but just too easy, in my opinion (and my own experience!). My proposed system would add one small step, and I think (rightly or wrongly) that this small extra barrier would eliminate 90% of non-work browsing overnight!

    Can I get a proxy server and other software to achieve this?



    ps. Our Company can't have been the first to wrestle with this problem...!!

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    Re: Controlling Workplace Browsing (IE6)

    I've read about a few commercial products. If I recall correctly, all of them focused on blocking out certain web sites, or checking for naughty content. I don't recall any that worked the way you describe. But I have spoken with people at companies who tell me they access the internet from links on their company's intranet site. I don't know the details, they just mentioned it in passing, but perhaps this is how their proxy was implemented?

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