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    Sygate gurus/brains/mavens required!

    Please could any of you Sygate aficionados have a look at my Sygate "Port Forwarding" <post#=431805>post 431805</post#> and tell me if I've got the right product!

    Ever so many thanks!


    (PS A firewall will be needed, anyway...)
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    Re: Sygate gurus/brains/mavens required!


    Found this tidbit, "The problem lies in how AOL issues IP addresses when you connect. When you are connecting with the DSL modem only, you are authenticating through a different type of server (broadband) than when you are connecting with the router and DSL modem (MSL), or with a dial-up modem (analog). Also, due to AOL using virtual (or private) IP addresses for the WAN IP, many game servers will not communicate correctly since they are looking for a real (or public) IP address. We have tested this router with connections other than AOL (different ISP's), and had no problems when making these connections, but then we tried using the same setup using AOL as the ISP, these types of problems were encountered due to the private IP's that AOL uses, and whatever the settings are in their MSL servers. This is not a problem in the router, but rather a problem in the MSL servers and the use of private IP's for your connection used by AOL.", here.

    Although this forum is talking about gaming, it seems that you're going to have yourself quite a time getting past AOL's virtual IP Addresses.
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    Re: Sygate gurus/brains/mavens required!

    I have locked this thread, as there are similar replies in the thread starting at <post#=431805>post 431805</post#> and it's best to keep the discussion in one place.


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