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    Outlook Formatting (2000 SP3)

    Windows XP SP1 with Outlook 2000 SP3
    User creates an HTML document but when a reply is received the formatting such as alignment changes as if the line breaks, etc., are being inserted at the wrong place. I suggested sending the messages out in three different formats to see if there is a difference in how rich text, plain text and HTML is handled. I speculated that the person sending the email has different settings which are causing the text to be reformatted.

    Any suggestions or is this a much too general description of the issue?

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    Re: Outlook Formatting (2000 SP3)

    If the problem is in reply messages only, I'm not sure the user has a whole lot of control over how they come back. Of course, that doesn't really help, does it?

    At least the user should avoid sending in RTF. That is the least well supported of the formats. Text, of course, is best. Now, the user should send a message to himself to get a look at how Outlook breaks the line ends in a plain text message. Usually only about 76 characters are allowed per line. If this is not acceptable, the user can specify alternative encoding. In Outlook 2000, it was possible to avoid having the lines wrapped by choosing base64 encoding (in Corporate Workgroup mode, I believe this was under Tools>Options..., Internet Email tab). Be aware, however, that some spam filters down-rate base64 encoding because it is widely used to obscure message contents from less sophisticated spam filters.

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