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Thread: Video Editing

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    Video Editing

    I am looking to put together a video system to record brief lecture synips (say how to solve a graphical LP problem). I want to be able to put these video clips into WebCT (an educational website program) for students to access from home. Must of the recordings would only be a few minutes in length.

    It seems to me that I need:

    * A camcorder to record the material
    * Some device to transfer the recorded material to a PC
    * Software to edit the video and prepare it for the web

    I've read reviews in magazines and looked at cameras in stores and it seems like the best way to go is with a camcorder that records to a disc. That would seem to eliminate the need for a transfer device.

    My questions are these:

    1. Is there any other hardware/software I am likely to need? The equipment would be purchased with a grant so it's a one-shot deal so I need to know everything I need up front.

    2. What is a good software package to do the editing with? The few articles I've been able to find talk about editing video for a DVD, I've not been able to find anything about editing for the Web. I assume I would need to end up with Flash but I am not really sure about that either.

    Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.

    Ronny Richardson

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    Re: Video Editing

    Some comments. There is a problem with using a Camcorder that records to a disk. That will already be encoded to MP2 that is not too tolerant of editing.

    Like most of life it depends on how much you want to spend. To get started I would recommend a DV camcorder. You can now get them for $3-400. The next step up would be a 3ccd camcorder ~$700. Look at the Dec 04 issue of Videomaker that gives a rundown of most of the available ones I would start with one of the available editing suites such as from Pinacle. You can spend up to about $5000 for editing programs but the $100 ones will cover you for most of your needs until you get much more elaborate. You will also need a capture device between the camera and your computer. Usually they will also include an editing package.

    Once you get things edited you will have to encode the output for streaming since you want to put it on the web. Software for that is free from Microsoft (Windows Media 9). In you shopping list be sure to get a relatively good tripod. It will make your shots much better and your encoded files better and potentialy smaller(faster downloads).

    You should be able to find all of the spots quotes on the Web. I believe Videomaker also had a recent comparison of editing software.

    Hope that helps you. Lots of things to consider, but I'd start low end and see if you have the time and inclination to get more serious.
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