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    Automatically delete 'expired' info? (Office XP)

    <P ID="edit" class=small>(Edited by NYIntensity on 05-Dec-04 21:52. )</P>Is there a way to have Access reset cell values to Null or default values after a certain date passes? For instance - a guy get's put on bed rest today, to come off in 2 days (the 7th). The date in the cell says 7 Dec 04. Is there a way to set it up so that after that day passes, the cell that says "bed rest" resets and the one saying 7 Dec clears?
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    Re: Automatically delete 'expired' info? (Office XP)

    Not really, or at least nothing automatic, although you can use triggers for this purpose in SQL Server. First off, Access has no concept of "cells", which is a spreadsheet concept. Are you talking about a field in a table? That would require an update query and you would have to create a mechanizm for running it "automatically". What you could do is create a sort of tickler table that holds the ID key for the person and the date when something should happen, along with a code that tells you what the condition is. You could run the query for a particular condition on a daily basis to reset the status.

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