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    Can I add Power Point 97 (MS Office 97 bundle PE @1983-1996)

    I have MS Works Version 7.0 @ 1987-2002 on my computer now. Please note, this is not MS Office with Works but a bundle called MS Works that includes word processor, spreadsheet, database, calendar, email & internet tools, my projects organizer - That is what is written on the front of the Software package. I have obtained an older version of MS Office 97 Professional Edition @ 1983-1996 and it includes Power Point 97. What I am wondering, can I do a custom installation and just install the Power Point? What if any kind of conflicts might I encounter? I have heard there are updates available for the PP but I dont want to install it if it is going to conflict with the MS Works in any way - thx you to everyone in advance for any enlightenment on this subject.

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    Re: Can I add Power Point 97 (MS Office 97 bundle PE @1983-1996)

    You would need to do a custom install of Office, and make certain that it installs in a unique directory such as "Program FilesMSOffice97" - there have been reports of Word 2000/2002 as obtained with Works, being mangled by installing MS Office. But the general concensus is that if you keep things in separate directories you are usually OK.

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