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    File open failure

    If I have a graphic file somewhere on my C: drive and, in Explorer, I double click on it MS Photo Editor helpfully kicks in and loads the file. If the file is on my drive D: (a logical partition not a separate physical drive) then Photo Editor loads but it does not open the actual graphic file. My OS is Win 98 (original version plus sp1 plus patched up to date)

    Any ideas?


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    Re: File open failure

    It seems strange that this should be drive-dependent. Try the following:
    - Open Windows Explorer.
    - Select Tools | Folder Options...
    - Activate the File Types tab.
    - Locate and select a graphics type that ought to open in MS Photo Editor, for example .jpg
    - Click Edit... (or if you're using Windows XP, Advanced...)
    - Select Open.
    - Click Edit...
    What is listed in the Application box? It should look like

    Microsoft SharedPhotoEdPHOTOED.EXE" "%1"

    Including the quotes around %1.

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