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    Custom Printing (Outlook 2003)

    I am trying to print a custom daily and weekly planner that combines/filters calendar, tasks, and notes. The built in calendar styles are close to what I would like, but not exactly. Is there any add on application that will let me modify the built in print styles such as showing tasks to right/left/bottom of weekly calendar, wrapping text for tasks that do not print on one line, and in a weekly view printing only the tasks or notes associated with that day next to or below each day?

    Any chance of combining multiple calendars so they print as one calendar?

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    Re: Custom Printing (Outlook 2003)

    Outlook has very limited print customization ability. You could see if there is anything on Slipstick that works.

    To print Outlook data to very exact specifications, you would need to use VBA to get the data and pass it all to Word, and then format the Word doc to specifications (or dump the data into a preformatted template).
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