I didnt bolt this onto my previous question as the subject matter was already jumping around quite a bit, therefore:

I've been looking at the page below from MSDN.
http:// http://msdn.microsoft.com/library/default....ing_request.asp

The section of code below seems to set the organisers address. Is there a way to set it to an address not on the exchange server it's being run from? i.e. can iPers be set to phil.jeary@yahoo.co.uk ???

Any help would be much appreciated.

Sub SendMeetingRequest(iAppt As CDO.Appointment, _
iMbx As IMailbox, _
strAttnMandatory() As String, _
strAttnOptional() As String)

Dim iCalMsg As CalendarMessage
Dim Config As New Configuration
Dim iAttendee As New Attendee
Dim iPers As CDO.Person

'Set the configuration fields
Set iPers = iMbx
Config(cdoSendEmailAddress) = iPers.Email
Config(cdoMailboxURL) = iMbx.BaseFolder