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    Print Outlook 2000 Mail Message

    My friend send me a mail message. I print it on my HP 840C, NO PROBLEM. When she look at it on her machine in print preview, NO PROBLEM. When she prints it, each line doesn't fix on the original line. So line one of text, all but the last couple words show up on line two. The second line does the same thing. Shows up on line 3 and 4. She send it to two different prints, with the same results. I check pagesetup and she as .50 for left and right margins, same as my machine. Also, I check tools / options and they match my machine. HELP???

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    Re: Print Outlook 2000 Mail Message

    does she have the identical printer you do and are you both using the same font size?

    the drivers for each printer are different and render the page differently as a result.

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    Re: Print Outlook 2000 Mail Message

    Same font size. Have to check about the type of printer.

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