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    Opening file from WORD

    In Word 2000 when I click icon on toolbar to open a new file from My Documents, it opens with lines of information at the bottom,"Normal, fonts, my name etc.". When I open from My Documants I do not get these lines. Can anyone tell me what I have done to cause this and how to change it so I do not get all this "stuff"? Thank You, Elizabeth

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    Re: Opening file from WORD

    Within Word when you do the file open, check 'Files of Type'. It probably says 'Recover text from any file'.
    Just change to All files or Word documents and then open your file.


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    Re: Opening file from WORD

    If you are opening a saved document, it probably is the file type setting in your document open dialog box. This is a "sticky" setting. If you change it, it stays changed until you change it back -- even if you close Word!

    If you are talking about starting a new document to save in My Documents, the problem is probably in your
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