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    Combo box loses input (2000)

    I have two unbound combo boxes on a form that lose their contents as soon as a selection is made. There is no code behind any of the events on either combo box.
    The combo boxes are in the header section of the form. I have tried making the form a bound form, an unbound form, setting the default view to continuous form and setting the default view to single form. Whatever I do, the combo boxes lose the selection as soon as I click on them.
    I have tried adding a msgbox into the after update event of one of the combo boxes, and, until I click on the msgbox OK button, the combo box displays the selection I have mad. However, as soon as I click the OK button the selection disappears.
    The problem started a week or so ago, and I thought I'd solved it by making the form an unbound form, and then applying the record source after the user had clicked a button on the form. That doesn't seem to work any more.
    I'm baffled.

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    Re: Combo box loses input (2000)

    Coild you post a stripped down, zipped copy of the database?

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