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    Conversion from Long to Double (Access XP SP2)

    I had the wierdest, and scary experience -- I had two data pulls into Access tables from an MSSQL server via Lotus format, and attempted to join the data pulls to see what matched in both -- which yielded no records. However, outer-joining from one table to the other produced matches, and wierdly, outer-joining from the other direction yielded no matches. I checked the data types, and the identity int in both tables came in as doubles -- so I was attempting to match doubles. I could understand if the conversion from Long to Double didn't come out exactly the same in each table, but -- how would that explain the fact that _one_ outer join produced matches? (Have I lost you all by now?) To make a long story short, I changed the datatype back to Long, but I'm still puzzled.

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    Re: Conversion from Long to Double (Access XP SP2)

    We would need to know (much) more about the data to be able to comment.

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