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    .filesearch not finding .zip files (VBA 6.3 (in Excel 2002 SP3))

    I have some code that uses .filesearch to look for .zip files. It used to work in Excel 2000, but quit finding the .zip files when I converted to Excel 2002. The only way I can get this .filesearch to work is to change my .zip files to .z files and search for .z instead of .zip. Does anyone know how I can get VBA to find the .zip files?

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    Re: .filesearch not finding .zip files (VBA 6.3 (in Excel 2002 SP3))

    The problem is that Windows XP knows how to search inside the ZIP file. You could disable this functionality by typing the following command in a command window.
    <code>regsvr32 /u %windir%system32zipfldr.dll</code>
    but this would completely disable zip file integration for the whole system.


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    Re: .filesearch not finding .zip files (VBA 6.3 (in Excel 2002 SP3))

    The Microsoft Scripting Runtime (scrrun.dll) provides scripting code in all recent windows operating systems.
    It strongly resembles VBA and is rock solid dependable, straight forward and logical.
    Its File System Object code is everything that VBA File Search should have been.

    I've written an Excel add-in "List Files" using recursive MS Scripting Runtime code that...
    Searches for the file type you specify or for all files.
    Files and folders in the specified directory are listed.
    Sub-folders also listed if specified by user
    File name, size, date, type are provided
    Directories/folder path is listed in one column and files in the adjacent column.
    Each file is hyperlinked.
    Available - free - upon direct request.
    Remove xxx from my email address

    Jim Cone
    San Francisco, USA

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    Re: .filesearch not finding .zip files (VBA 6.3 (in Excel 2002 SP3))

    This add-in does exactly what I want! Thanks for a great piece of software.

    I also tried it with MP3 files. Also worked like a charm. And clicking on a link caused Windows Media Player to open the file and start playing the song. Nice!
    Playing around with this, I got the idea that this maybe could be enhanced to be an excellent way to make a catalog of all the MP3 files on a PC. For that purpose three more features would come in handy:
    - add the results of a next search to the same worksheet
    - search for subfolders only (= name of artist & album) and/or
    - collapse subfolders, hiding the contents

    Just a thought... <img src=/S/smile.gif border=0 alt=smile width=15 height=15>

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