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    Security (6 SP2)

    I'm having considerable difficulty with security in my trusted sites. In the internet zone I have pretty much everything locked down, disallowing or requiring prompts for controls, scripts and much else. For my trusted sites, however, pretty much anything goes; everything is allowed, including mixed content, ActiveX and Java scripts. However, in some sites I get prompted to enable Java scripts and reload. In one particular trusted site the green check mark shows at the bottom of the screen, followed by the words 'Unknown Zone (Mixed)'. But it won't load and I get the 'You must enable Java' message. I have no problem opening the page with Mozilla Firefox.

    Any ideas?

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    Re: Security (6 SP2)

    A single "page" can be composed of content from multiple domains. For example, you might have some stuff from the main domain, advertisements from and, and so forth. Before cookies were separated from security, you often could judge from the cookie prompts what different hosts were being accessed in assembling the page. Now it's harder....

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