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    J. David Tracy

    Multiple Outline Numbering Styles

    What I want to do is to have 2 to 3 outline numbering systems to use via short-cut keys in a single document. An example of the type of numbering scheme I want to use is set forth below:

    (A) (Heading 3)
    (Body Text 3)

    But on some occasions, I do not want a true Heading 3. Rather, what I want is:

    (A) (Body Text 3)

    I have had a set of outline numbering styles that accomplished the foregoing. These were originally created in Word 97. I am now using Word 2000. The first numbering set was based on the headings style, and the second set was called

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    Re: Multiple Outline Numbering Styles

    To my knowledge, Word 2000 supports only one outline numbering scheme in a single document.

    However, if you absolutely need variation, it is worth trying the SEQ field and attaching it to styles. Might need a bit of VB Programming. I haven't done this before, but I think that is the way to go.

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    Re: Multiple Outline Numbering Styles


    The inability to have alternate styles inhabit the same outline numbering level is a longtime source of frustration in Word.

    For that reason, the setup you had in your Word 97 template does look interesting, but I suspect there are some instabilities lurking in such a setup - for one thing, basing one outline numbered style on another outline numbered style usually leads to problems.

    But hey, if it worked then I can understand wanting to stick to it. The Word 97 to Word 2000 issue is probably a red herring; more likely, it's not working in the new regime due to the styles being brought from one template to another via the Organizer.

    Have you tried the experiment yet of rebuilding your original numbering outline setup, from scratch, into your new Word 2000 template? - you should get the same functionality that you had previously, since the numbering facility did not change from 97 to 2000.

    Another approach, that is less streamlined but might be more stable, would be to set your "(A)" numbering style to produce headings, and then via direct formatting alter those "(A)" paragraphs that you need to look like non-heading paragraphs. You can record a macro of the steps you take to apply the direct formatting - that way all of the direct formatting required can be done by clicking a button or using a key combination to run the macro.

    By the way as a note to Rajesh, there actually is no limit to the number of different outline numbering systems ("list templates") you can have in a single document (there may be a built-in limit of something like 2000), although documents that contain more than 100 list templates are very prone to instability. But allowing two different outline numbering systems to intermix is using asking for trouble :-)


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    J. David Tracy

    Re: Multiple Outline Numbering Styles


    I did rebuilt the numbering schemes in Word 2000 and obtained the same results. But...when setting up the second non-heading paragraph numbering system it was very flaky. When I once got the second numbering system to work, I had to immediately stop because any further tinkering with the template probably meant that it would not work, and I had to start over. Thus, you are correct, this appears to create an unstable methodology.

    I believe the idea of directly applying formatting via a macro has promise. I would only use the non-heading paragraph numbering system in limited document production scenarios. Thus, it makes sense to directly apply that formatting when needed. The only downside I see is that I assume I will need more than one macro, namely a macro for each level in the outline scheme for which I might need to use the non-heading paragraph numbering scheme.

    Thanks for the idea.

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