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    Section breaks move top of page (Word 2K+)

    I've noticed this problem for years, and always just worked around it. Now I've been asked by my wife to explain it. I can't, and in order to save my bacon, I thought I'd ask some experts.

    If you follow these steps, you can reproduce what I have to assume is a problem. There are many other ways to achieve the same thing. This one is easy to explain.

    1. Create a new blank Word document
    2. Insert a page break
    3. Type some text (say 'top of page') on the top line of the second page.
    4. Print the page
    5. Position the cursor before the start of the text
    6. Change the text to 3 columns, selecting 'from this point forward'

    A section break is added to the top of the page, and the first line moves down. If you print the page again, you can see that it does actually physically move.

    Now I know that all the versions of Word I've used for some years have done this, and I have to assume there is a good reason, but it seems to me that the section break should not take up any room, so why would anything have moved?

    Have I lost my marbles? I'd appreciate any guidance.


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    Re: Section breaks move top of page (Word 2K+)

    Since one and three columns can't share a line, the section break includes an implicit line break. To avoid the extra line break, remove the page break on the first line (the text will move to the first line), then specify (in Page Setup) that the second section must begin on a new page instead of being continuous (the text moves to the top of the second page).

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