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    Converting time/assigning values/I don't know?!? (Office XP)

    I want to do this: Default value is 100, default time is 18:00 (18 minutes). For every 10 seconds after 18:00, I.E. 18:01-18:10, I want the default value to go down 1. For any time before 18:00 (I.E. 17:59),I want the value to remain 100....any clues? Right now all I have is two cells, one for minutes, one for seconds, and then a formula....example attached.
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    Re: Converting time/assigning values/I don't know?!? (Office XP)

    <P ID="edit" class=small>(Edited by JohnBF on 13-Dec-04 21:40. Corrected for the 18 minute minimum.)</P>If you mean that for each complete 10 seconds you want the value to decline (take off 1 for when it's in the range 10 - 19.99, take off 2 when it's in the range 20 -29.99, etc.), then this may be what you want:


    Depending on exactly how you want it to work, your original formula may be valid after adjustment, though it contained some redundant parentheses.


    (It would help if you label your columns.)
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