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    Wireless problem

    I have a D-Link wireless card model DWL-650 P1 that works fine when I am at home connected to my D-Link DI-514 wireless router. But it does not work anywhere else. There are a number of places that have free wireless access points in my city, and I am unable to connect to any of them. I have entered them in the Profile pane of the Site Survey page of the utility program. I enter the SSID, Wireless Mode = Infrastructure, Data Encryption = Disabled, and Authentication = Open, which is what the operator of the access point says to enter. Then I click Connect. But it does not work; I do not get connected. Can anyone offer me some advice about what might be wrong and how I can fix it?
    Bill Meacham
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    Re: Wireless problem

    I'd suggest opening a command line (Start --> Run --> cmd <enter>) and at the prompt, type:

    <pre>ipconfig /renew *</pre>

    This should find a valid IP address on the wireless connection. I've also experienced similar issues, and have been required to disable and re-enable the Wireless NIC via the control panel.
    Christopher Baldrey

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