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    Excel Shared Files (Excel 2002)

    Having a problem with the printing of shared files in Excel. Our employees print to printers with numerous mailbins. The problem which is arising is that when a user attempts to print a shared file from a common drive, the report does not print in the users mailbin, but prints back in the original authors mailbin.

    Needless to say this is aggravating when, the author is in another office or town.

    Not sure whether this is an Excel problem, or a printer conguration problem. Note that this is not happening in all offices. Have checked configuration under the shared tab in Excel and they are the same. Printer configuration are also the same.

    Any suggestions? I apologize if this is not the correct forum.

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    Re: Excel Shared Files (Excel 2002)

    Using workbook sharing in Excel is a PITA. I would avoid it - it is not very dependable. If one user is editing a non-shared workbook, others can still open a read-only copy of it.

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