I'm looking for a systematic approach to solve the problem of a previously functional program that is now "broken" following various Windows/ Office hiccups. I was getting a few BSODs and some Office2K problems, so I cleaned up registry by a few methods and did an Office repair from the 2000 SP-1 CD, even though I've patched to SP3.
At this point I'm a bit confused. When I ran Office 2K update on the web, I'm told it's uptodate. Does this mean that the SP2 & SP3 changes are somehow preserved, even though I repaired via SP1?

I also ran AdAware, Spybot and SpywareBlaster.

Things ran OK generally after these steps, but my download monitor that checks on my monthly usage/ quota with my broadband ISP is now SNAFU. This is a simple systray standalone .exe, which will now load but remain frozen, with no access to the ISP or any of its own functionality. Eventually taskman says it's not responding an I have to kill the process.

The first thing I tried was a reinstall of both the existing, then an updated version, removing all traces of the app each time from HD and registry. Numerous trys all failed. Next was to run SFC, to see if any significant file version changes had happened - nothing to speak of there. Then looked at the .exe using Dependency Walker to see if all files are present.
I know some of the .ocx and .dll files need to be registered. Is there a way of finding out which ones, and what their status is in this regard?
I have no idea if the versions I have match what the .exe expects. Is there a way of determining this?

If there's nothing else I can check, I'm considering "over the top" install (repair) of 98SE from CD.
What would be the effect of a minor "reinstall" from old 98SE, considering I have already patched it with many updates?

Any other ideas more than welcome. Thanks