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    Embedded fonts (2002)

    I received a Word document, might have been Office 2000, with embedded fonts. I do not have the same fonts loaded on my computer. When I made a small change to the document I saved it. It still looked the same, as viewed, after saving, but still open.

    When I closed the document and re-opened it, the text looked different. The formatting claimed the font was still the same embedded font, but it looked like Times New Roman, instead.

    I've experimented with different settings on the save options and embedded font options. Also, the font that changed doesn't show up in the font substitution list.
    So my question would be why does it look fine when viewed, but can't save it the same as it views it?

    Noticed one more thing.

    If I open the saved document 1st, the original looks wrong.

    If I open the original first, the saved document looks right.

    So its not embedding the fonts like the options says it should? What if they're not true type fonts?

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    Re: Embedded fonts (2002)

    There are different licensing restrictions for fonts. See <!mskb=290952>Microsoft Knowledge Base Article 290952<!/mskb>. Perhaps the font in question is not licensed as editable or installable.
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