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    Graphing secondary Y-axis

    Excel 97: I have a column graph showing % KG and % Cubic utilisation of truck volume. X-Axis is % (0-120%), with grid-lines every 20%.
    I would like to show matching KG and Cubic figures on Y-Axis at grid lines (ie. 2 Y-axes, if possible!)
    eg. for a particular truck where 100%= 24,000 KG and 90 m3
    - 24,000 on 100% line and 90 (m3) against 100% grid-line
    - 19,200 on 80% line and 72 (m3) against 80% grid-line

    So far, I have worked out how to display a single Y-axis by having a 3rd series of figures (for example, KG figures) then marking the series as Secondary Y-Axis, no colour, no border. This makes the series disappear, leaving only the KG figures on the Y-axis.

    i) is there an easier way to get these figures onto the Y-axis? What I have done seems very round-about.
    ii) can you display 2 sets of figures on an axis (eg. by merging 2 graphs somehow)?

    Help much appreciated

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    Re: Graphing secondary Y-axis

    This is my 3rd try at answering - I guess i'm not really clear what you're asking.
    What is the X-axis? Are you making a column chart or an XY chart? If it's a column chart, then the X axis is only labels (perhaps the truck number? in which case a scale of 0-120% is inappropriate?) How have you grid-lines on the X axis?

    If it's an XY chart, and you have the first data series on the primary axis as say (truck number vs kg), and the 2nd data series on the secondary axis as say truck number vs volume, then you can format the second series identically to the first or say one with symbols and the other with lines instead of invisibly. That way it's a bit easier to see what you have.

    Otherwise you could create a dummy axis by making another series with the volume tickmarks, but that's more effort than the secondary axis.

    Is this any help?

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