I have just bought a real server (as opposed to building it out of whatever PC/bits) I have lying around for home use, specifically an IBM x206 eServer. It's very nice, small, quiet, black (very important of course) and not a bad spec at all (P4 2.8HT CPU) making it the second most powerful system on my home network.

My problem with it is that IBM appear to have built it with the intention of locking you into their upgrade path (less than they used to I'll admit) ... I'll explain.

The system comes with an 80GB SATA drive which is fine but I want to up that spec to be 600GB plus. The onboard controller handles RAID so I figured I'd ditch my promise hardware raid in my current server (I guess I will sell that and the 4 attached drives on eBay) and go for a hardware RAID 0 stripe across 2 SATA HD (either 250 or 300GB) which is fine except that there was only one HD tray. No problem I thought and set about making one ... it didn't work, don't know why (there are no hidden switches that I can see and the tray appears to be just a bit of plastic and metal) but the drives simply don't seem to work without the tray.

And therein lies the problem ... the damned IBM upgrade path! The tray costs