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    Make outlook default mail program

    After running Outlook for the first time everytime I open it it asks if you want to make it the default newsreader, mail reader etc. I click yes but it still asks every time I open it. Where do you set this to stop this annoying question.

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    Re: Make outlook default mail program

    in internet options, programs tab (either control panel or from IEs tools > interent options)

    if you are using OE on the computer and it's dialog pops up asking the same question, you need to say no and tell it to stop checking.

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    Re: Make outlook default mail program

    We use Outlook 2000 in a corporate exchange server environment. In IE the default mail program and news reader is outlook express. If I change it and apply it then view it again it has kept outlook express as the default.
    The solution I used was to answer no to make outlook the default mail,newsreader, and now it doesn,t ask anymore.

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