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    Internet Explorer Script Error on opening Outlook?

    I'm using Outlook 2003 on a Windows XP Home computer.

    Every time I open Outlook, and it opens Outlook Today, I get a window titled "Internet Explorer Script Error," which says:

    "An error has occurred in this script on this page.

    Line: 298
    Char: 1
    Error: Class not registered
    Code: 0
    URL: Outlook Today

    Do you want to continue running scripts on this page?

    I check "yes," and then Outlook appears to work normally.

    Can anyone explain what is happening here, and tell me if there is a problem I need to fix? If it isn't really a problem, is there a way to stop this window from appearing?

    I have installed some Windows XP upgrades in the past day, and I don't remember if the problem started appearing before or after the upgrades.


    Harriet Bograd

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    Re: Internet Explorer Script Error on opening Outl

    Hi Harriet

    Check out Error Message When You Try to View the Outlook Today Page from the Microsoft knowledge base.

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