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    MS Project Issues

    Here are a few MSProject-realted issues. Can someone please comment on them. Better still can you suggest a resolution?

    "After having finalised the project plan, including days work and duration of tasks and sub tasks I saved the document. On re-opening it the next day, some of the durations of tasks show durations which are not a whole number of days and work days that are not whole number of days either."
    "If we change the number (or description) of sub-tasks in the document, we lose the original, although we can keep the original cost (monetary only) baseline. We can not however keep both the original man-day allocation and the revised man-day allocation and show actual against that. Therefore progress that is then made while using less or more than budgeted man days does not show value against the original. If we were not to change the plan from the original and merely put actual in, we would not be able to see impacts on timings for the various changes"
    "As of today, we have not found a way of printing a report (1 A4 wide) that shows man-days budgeted versus actual by output, or any other things like per-diems, travel expenses etc."

    Is there a third-party solution to the above problems available?

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    Re: MS Project Issues

    What version of Project are you using?
    1. <LI>Have you set a task type of Fixed Duration for those tasks that require it?
      <LI>Can you phrase the second point differently?
      <LI>Have you checked out the Reports feature? I'm also wondering if a custom filter might be what you need.
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