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    Heading rows in multiple tables within one tab (2002)

    I'm running Excel 2002 on Windows XP. I was just given a spreadsheet which contains multiple tabs. Within some of these tabs, we have multiple tables. What I need to know is if there is any way I can have the column headings carry over onto a second page of a table, but only for the tables to which they apply. (For example, one tab has 3 tables all pertaining to the same general category. The tables are different, with different column headings, and they are all more than one page tables. I need to have the headings for columns in each of these tables carry over to the second page of that table only.)

    I'm not expressing the problem very clearly, I know (sorry). If anyone can provide any advice, I would be very appreciative.

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    Re: Heading rows in multiple tables within one tab (2002)

    Excel only provides built-in support for repeating the first row (or rows) of a worksheet (tab) on each page, not for individual tables on a worksheet. So you must place each table on its own worksheet. If you like, you can create worksheets with multiple tables, linked to the original data, for on-screen presentations, while using the single-table worksheets for printing.

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