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    Temporary tables

    My routine has the typical FE/BE structure with several BE mdb files. There are typically 4-25 users at any given time.

    I need to create, link, and eventually destroy a number of temporary tables in one of these BE mdb files. These temporary tables are used to assign responsibilities to varying people. Each of these temporary tables will have a unique name (consisting of the employee number an underscore(_) the month and day (0519). It will have a relatively simple structure. These temporary tables are created daily in accordance with a scheduling calendar and used as an index to call up certain records from one of the other BE mdb tables. This table also changes daily. After 72 hours an exception report is created on the items NOT handled and at the end of 96 hours, the temporary table will be destroyed.
    Briefly, if you are 'on-duty' today, here is what you have to do.
    Side note: During one of my abbortive efforts, I succeeded in creating the temporary table which the database indicated as 'linked' to itself. How could this be possible?

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    Re: Temporary tables

    It can be done, but it will cause tremendous bloat in your database, both front and back end. Might I suggest creating a text file and linking that instead. It will work just as well and won't cause a bit of bloat. Since you're working across a network in some fashion (otherwise the multiuser thing wouldn't be an issue), you'll need to make sure your users have the necessary permissions to create, read and delete the text file when appropriate.

    Here's a link to an <A target="_blank" HREF=>arti cle</A> by Doug Den Hoed from SmartAccess 1/2001 edition. He describes a method for doing this and I have successfully adapted his approach in my own apps

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