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    Turn off tool tips / restricted zone error (IE 6.0 SP2)

    I want to turn off IE's 'tool tips' or 'smart tags' on certain links (I don't know what their proper name is).
    You can see an example of what I'm talking about at:
    The double-underlined links in the middle pop up a large 'tool tip' for advertising.
    I just can't find a setting in IE to turn off tool tips! They must have thought about turning it off, surely????

    I couldn't find the setting to turn it off, so I went to option #2.
    The ads are being loaded from a server at *
    So I added http://* to the restricted sites zone, and made sure that active scripting (javascript) is turned off for that zone.
    No luck.
    It seems that the zone applies to the main page, not for javascript loaded from a different site into this page. This couldn't be! Tell me it's not so! If this is true, this is a terrible breach of the restricted sites zoning. Makes it just about useless.
    The restricted site is working of a kind; if I go to, the demos there are blocked.
    I don't want to make this site restricted, just the content loaded from IntelliTXT.

    So option #3
    On my own computer, I can just add that site to my firewall. But my work computer only has Windows Firewall, which you can't restrict a particular site (?)

    So my question(s):
    1. Is there a way to turn off 'tool tips'
    2. How can I make restricted sites work the way I think they should (that is, any content served from that site is restricted, regardless of what page that content is loaded into).
    3. How can I restrict a site using Windows Firewall?

    Thanks for your help

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    Re: Turn off tool tips / restricted zone error (IE 6.0 SP2)

    Hi Peter. I'm not sure if there's a way to do this in IE, but Firefox & the AdBlock plug-in will do everything that you require. Check out for more details.

    As for your 3rd point, Windows Firewall can't be used to block specific sites as that isn't what it's designed to do- it will only block certain 'ports' into your computer, and all traffic coming through your browser, regardless of URL, will use the same port (I think- I'm sure someone will correct me if I'm wrong on this point!)
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    Re: Turn off tool tips / restricted zone error (IE 6.0 SP2)

    If it's balloon tips you are talking about, there is a reg change you have to make.

    Go to Balloons

    Edited to add: Or mskb article 307729

    It's quite informative.

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    Re: Turn off tool tips / restricted zone error (IE

    <P ID="edit" class=small>(Edited by jscher2000 on 23-Dec-04 14:17. One more thought...)</P>Strange, I can't even get IE to load that page. Judging from what I see on this page (you can disable ActiveX, not needed to see what I mean), Zone-based blocking does not work. That's interesting because it allows for the possibility of a hijack of a site you generally trust pulling an off-site script.

    Not sure Firefox is any better in this regard, but it's harder to test due to the lack of a Restricted Sites interface, at least the last time I looked.

    Added: Oh, duh! The "classic" way to block unwanted outbound links is to add an entry in your hosts file pointing them to your local address. There are whole long lists that people have developed, but in this case, it might be as simple as opening the file, whose location varies depending on your version of Windows (for XP, it's in C:WINDOWSSYSTEM32DRIVERSETC), and adding something like this: # temporary/added 12-23-04

    Make sure to use a text editor like Notepad or Wordpad to avoid polluting the format.

    Other sites may use different subdomains at, so this may not be a general purpose solution. Hmmm. Maybe more trouble than it's worth.

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