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    RD field codes TOC question (Word 2002 SP2)


    **Cross posted to Word PC List**

    For the first time, I set up a TOC using RD fields to link to other documents. It worked great and I was really proud of myself. : ) Anyway, today someone else in my department wanted to update the TOC. She changed the titles of a couple of documents. She then went in and made the updates to the RD fields. She did everything right, and yet the she got an error and couldn't update the TOC.

    I went back to my desk. Did the updates to the TOC, and everything worked fine. We use the same type of computer (Windows XP and Word 2002) and the file is on a network drive. All the files, including the TOC, are in the same folder.

    What's going on? Is it a matter of some box that she needs to check? She will need to update the file next week while I am on vacation, so we need to get this resolved today. If nothing else, I will have her recreate the TOC and maybe that will fix it. Any advice would be most appreciated.

    Happy holidays to all.

    Laura Winkelspecht

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    Re: RD field codes TOC question (Word 2002 SP2)

    Hi Laura:
    I've noticed that this can happen if your source document(s) is/are open when you try to update the field. Close the source documents before you update the RD fields in the TOC document.

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