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    Variables in Word docs?

    What's the best way to create variables in Word documents (similar to the variable functionality in FrameMaker)? Best I can figure so far is to create a "dummy" style for each variable, put the variable content in the style, then refer to that style in a field code. Change the content and then update fields to change all the "variables" in the document. Is there a better way in Word 2000? Something with AutoText or something?


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    Re: Variables in Word docs?


    I don't know FrameMaker but variables can be set in Word using VBA. Other options include custom Document Properties (File => Properties => Custom) used with DOCPROPERTY fields. I'm attaching a form I've been working on that uses document properties as well as a UserForm. Hope this helps.

    Another option would be AutoText. Take a look at <A target="_blank" HREF=> How to add pop-up lists to any Word document, so you can click your way through changes in seconds -- Or how to use the AutoTextList field</A>. Finally, there would be online forms.
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