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    Database Corruption (Access 2000 sp3)

    I have a single back end database that holds most of my data, and about 7 client computers accessing it via individual front ends. Generally, almost all front ends are being used (with open forms, reports and/or queries) at all times. Every so often (too often lately,) someone gets an error when attempting to open their front end: "unrecognized database format networkBfoldernew_be.mdb". They are unable to connect, anyone else connected can continue to work, but as soon as all forms/queries/reports are closed on a front end, that front end can no longer connect - it gets the same error. When I open the back end, I get a message "the database networkBfoldernew_be.mdb needs to be repaired or isn't a database file...." and something about someone may have quit unexpectedly. Repairing and compacting usually cures it, but it is very annoying. Any ideas about what may be causing this error?

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    Re: Database Corruption (Access 2000 sp3)

    It sounds like a flaky network connection somewhere. Access is extremely sensitive to network hiccups - if they occur while data are being written to a table, corruption may well occur. We had similar problems with one of my databases at work some time ago; although the hardware guys tried to blame the database design, in the end it turned out to be one bad network segment.

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