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    Envelopes & Labels Wizard followup (2003)

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    Back in August I was here to ask why I couldn't access the "Fonts..." and "Paragraph..." context menu in Word's Envelopes and Labels Wizard (re: <post#=394764>post 394764</post#>). Phil Rabichow kindly pointed me to his <post#=197827>post 197827</post#>. I followed his advice and dumped my temp files, and voila! the problem went away. That was under Windows XP. Now I'm using Windows 2003, and the problem resurfaced today. I had just dumped my temp files a couple of days ago, but I went through the steps again anyway. Search failed to turn up any temp files, so that wasn't the source of the problem. I was then going through Phil's Step 2 when a thought hit me. I had Outlook open along with Word...Outlook uses Word as its email editor...I wonder if there's a connection...? So I closed Outlook and voila! again the problem went away! Anybody got any thoughts on this little phenomenon?

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    Re: Envelopes & Labels Wizard followup (2003)

    If you use Word as your Outlook mail editor, a copy of Word stays in memory as long as Outlook is open. The general opinion is that using Word as mail editor in Outlook is asking for problems.

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